Hear from Happy Parents & Students

"Art class this year was one of our favorite weekly classes. My children grew in their drawing abilities and enjoyed creating something every class session. The DeRauds are patient, kind, and encouraging with every student that walks through their door. We look forward to coming back for more. "

      Liz G., mother of 3 art students

Wendy is a wonderful art teacher who has the skills to teach students of all ages and skill levels. She is truly a great artist with an engaging and fun personality. My daughter enjoys her weekly art classes together with kids her own age.  I recommend Wendy’s art classes because of her unique talent as well as her love of teaching. She is also very understanding and accommodating."

         Ann Y., parent of 10 year old daughter 

"I was hesitant to pay for art classes because--let's be real--youtube is free.  My daughter would spend hours viewing art lessons online.  Because of this, I have been surprised and impressed with the progress she has made studying with Wendy this semester.  My daughter used to draw well but rushed; she now spends hours perfecting one composition.  Concerned with medium, blend, and proper composition, she gets excited to do a still life and currently is begging for me to take her to the Art Institute of Chicago.  I should mention that she's seven."

        Christa E., mother of 7 year old daughter   

"I never thought I could do this!"

       Seth C., Mark's 13 year old art student

"My latest drawing isn't too shabby, if I do say so my self. It's all thanks to my art teacher."

       Seth C., Mark's 13 year old art student