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As of today...

It's already August 20th, and only 1 person has signed up for the 2-day program, and 3 others have shown interest in a 1-day program. Because we are so excited about this amazing opportunity, we don't want to give up yet. If you are interested in giving Story Art a try in a once a week 2 hour class on a Thursday morning from 9:30 - 11:30 am, let's talk about how we can make this work. 

Your Creative Child

If you're a parent of a creative child who loves art but needs some encouragement with writing and language arts skills, this may be the class for you.

Thursday Morning Story Art

We'd like to try adapting the Story Art concept to a single 2 hour weekly class. 

If you're interested... meeting other parents who have creative children like yours, and you want to find community while you homeschool, 

Text, Call or email me, Wendy,  to rsvp:

(559) 326-3160

what story art looks like

Step #1 - Literature Share


Teacher will read-aloud from a beautifully illustrated picture-book that incorporates the theme we will be working on, followed by discussion. This often will take place at the local children's bookstore, "Petunia's Place", a short walk from our classroom. 

Step #2 - Modeling Session


The teacher will demonstrate the watercolor technique used to create the illustration. This includes watercolor with crayon resist and marbling techniques for collage. 

Step #3 - Work Session: Art


Students will create their own work, following the steps modeled in the teacher's demonstration. 

next steps:

Step #4 - Group Share


Each student will share their work with the rest of the class. 

Step #5 - Story-Writing Modeling & Brainstorming Session


The teacher will lead the class in a brainstorming session, gathering vocabulary and descriptive words that could be used for the story. 

Step # 5 & 6 - Work Session: Writing & Group Share


Students will work on their first draft and progress to the completion of their finished picture book or poem, followed by a time of sharing with the rest of the group.