"Story-Art" enrichment program


Our 2-Day a Week Drop-Off Program OR 1-day a la carte *

As Vendors for Inspire Charter School, in addition to our weekly classes in art instruction, we are offering an enrichment program for the 2019/20  school year starting September 3 and running through May 2020. 

If you have a child in 1st through 5th grades and you want an opportunity to drop-off your students for 10 hours a week while other teachers help your child learn skills and make new friends, then this program is for you! 

We also offer a 1-day/5 hours option as an a la carte opportunity for enrichment. Families need to choose either Tuesday or Thursday as their weekly program. 

This exciting integrative arts program that will help your child with writing and reading skills as literacy is developed and enhanced through art-making. 

Based on the, "Picturing Writing" program out of the University of New Hampshire, this model has proven to raise reading levels and to improve literacy by starting off the writing process with a watercolor painting. 

Themes explored in this integrated instructional model include: seasons, weather, wildlife, sea life, farm animals, space, geology, biology, history, and more. 


Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9 am - 2 pm, starting September 3 and running through the entire 2019/20 school year. 

*Note: For a 1-day drop off a la carte option, choose 1 day a week for 5 hours, for $200/month


Redeemer Lutheran Church

Small Conference Room

1084 W. Bullard

Fresno, CA  93711

What do I get with this program?

  • Themed instruction for your child in multiple subject areas
  • Hands-on experience with writing and art techniques 
  • Hand-made books written and illustrated by your child
  • 10 hours/week drop-off instruction 
  • $500 additional funds for the year

a typical day with story art

Step #1 - Literature Share


Teacher will read-aloud from a beautifully illustrated picture-book that incorporates the theme we will be working on, followed by discussion. This often will take place at the local children's bookstore, "Petunia's Place", a short walk from our classroom. 

Step #2 - Modeling Session


The teacher will demonstrate the watercolor technique used to create the illustration. This includes watercolor with crayon resist and marbling techniques for collage. 

Step #3 - Work Session: Art


Students will create their own work, following the steps modeled in the teacher's demonstration. 

next steps:

Step #4 - Group Share


Each student will share their work with the rest of the class. 

Step #5 - Story-Writing Modeling & Brainstorming Session


The teacher will lead the class in a brainstorming session, gathering vocabulary and descriptive words that could be used for the story. 

Step # 5 & 6 - Work Session: Writing & Group Share


Students will work on their first draft and progress to the completion of their finished picture book or poem, followed by a time of sharing with the rest of the group. 

How to Enroll

After you've discussed the needs of your child with your homeschool teacher and have decided that this program is for you, enroll through both the Inspire Charter School website and by emailing us. 

DeRaud Art Studio - mderaud@gmail.com  


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